Who I am | What I do

Hello and welcome to my portfolio. On this website you’ll find samples of my work, my resume, and updates on current projects.

I graduated July 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism with a concentration in magazine media. During my time at Ball State University, I was the Executive Editor of Ball Bearings Magazine, where I led online and print content production. I oversaw editors and reporters and collaborated with designers, videographers, and photographers. I also wrote a long-form investigative piece for Ball Bearings Magazine’s spring print edition about the homeless epidemic among college students.

For two years I was the editorial assistant for Rethinking Children’s and Young Adult Literature, a digital literary magazine promoting diversity.

Since graduating, I have worked as a librarian and freelance journalist. I’m currently looking for new opportunities and am willing to relocate.

You can find me on LinkedIn or email me at kaitlyn.arford@gmail.com.